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Eccentric Poker Terms

Here are some unusual poker terms that you will hear at a poker table. Before you play read some of these terms to familiarize yourself with them:

1. "Komodo-Dragoned":

This is when the player's hand is crushed since their opponent completed a flush or straight on the river.

2. "American Airline:, or "Pocket Rockets":

This means a pair of aces is in the hole.

3. "Dolly Parton":

This term is used when there is a straight, 5-to-9.

4. "Gypsy In":

In the lowball variety of poker, it means to "limp in", although this is not a polite term, rather a more strange term.

5. "Ducks"

Two twos (or "deuces") is a pair of ducks. One master of poker, who used to be a backgammon master, kept repeating the words "Quack, Quack" to his opponents, when the bet was in denominations of two.

6. "San Francisco Bus Boy" or The "Gay Waiter":

This means a queen trey hand.

7. "Throwing a Party":

When a few unskilled players make profound monetary contributions to the pot, this is called "throwing a party".

8. "Cranberry":

This is a reference to the player who calls against the odds of the pots.

9. "River":

River is a reference to the final card that is dealt.

10. "Horsing":

It means a passing of a small amount of cash to another player after the player won a pot; this is also known as "scooting".

11. "Under the Gun":

This is the player to bet first.

12. "Boat":

Full house (three-of-a-kind, coupled with a pair)

13. "Limp In":

This means to enter the round by simply calling a bet, instead of raising.

14. "Monster":

This is the name for a hand that is almost bound to win.

15. "Big Slick":

This means any combination of an Ace and King pocket cards.

16. "Smooth Call":

This means that the player will call an opponent's bet, instead of raising.

17. "Rainbow":

The player has three of four cards with different suits.

18. "Rounder":

An advanced player who usually "makes the rounds" in the country for huge poker games is called a rounder.

19. "Alligator Blood":

This is to describe a fearless player who plays an aggressive kind of game, even if they have short stack of chips, and still win the game.

Some of these terms are peculiar, and some are really strange. These words usually came from famous poker players who had made a name for themselves in the world of poker around the globe.



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