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Hold My Poker Chips

There are so many ways of storing or handling poker chips. Some players prefer top-of-the-line poker cases, while others are satisfied with shoeboxes, especially if their chips are just made of cheap plastics. Aside from poker cases and home-made boxes, there are alternatives in holding your precious poker chips, such as carousels and poker chip trays.

Carousels, as the name suggests, are cylindrical in form. They are very much different from poker cases since they occupy smaller space in terms of width. However, they are taller than the regular poker cases. Many poker fans love using carousels because they are more stylish, but some argue that they are not elegant-looking. Here are some of the types of carousels available today:

Plastic Carousel Usually, the carousels that fall under this type are made of durable plastic. This is because they normally hold six hundred poker chips in them. Plastic Carousels come in different colors, but the most popular ones are those in silver because they are sleeker-looking and very modern in style. You might be amazed to find a plastic carousel that has two layers, and yes, they do revolve like a true carousel. They even have slots for the cards. These plastic carousels are worth your money.

Wood Carousels Like the plastic ones, wood carousels also do revolve. Even if these carousels carry less poker chips compared to the plastic carousels, they are heavier because of the wood and the metal handles. They also are made with compartments for cards. They also cost much like the plastic ones, but they are definitely worth it.

While carousels are used for long-term storage, poker chip trays can be used while at play because they do not have enclosures unlike the carousels. You might have seen poker chip trays before in casinos or in movies like the Maverick. They are used to hold numerous chips, especially at the final table. Here are some of the available trays at present:

Aluminum Cast Trays Obviously, these trays are highly durable because of their aluminum cast. Aside from that, the cover of this tray is made of Plexiglas, which only enhances its durability. They normally hold up to three hundred chips, and two sets of playing cards.

ABS Plastic Trays Nothing could beat these trays in terms of durability. ABS plastic is a material which is nearly indestructible. Expect to pay a high price for these trays; after all, you will surely be using them for a longer time than other trays.



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