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With poker on fire these days, there is no shortage of Texas Hold'em tips you can read or study. But what you learn is only useful if incorporated into real games with real people. If you want to become a real player, at some point you're going to have to move beyond being a practice hero.

Fortunately there is a new software program on the market that will help you at every stage of your learning process and at every stage of play. It's called Poker Academy Texas Hold'em. Thomas "Thunder" Keller, 2004 WSOP $5,000 No-Limit Winner, says "Poker Academy is a revolutionary learning tool and a must-have for the beginner to the serious rounder.

Poker Academy offers limit and no-limit games, along with tournament and ring games. Pop-up advisors aid in the learning process. You learn with every move that you make, and users can even check their player statistics, hand values, and pot odds at any point during or after a game. "Our Luckometer lets you have it straight," said Kurt Lange CEO of Poker Academy. "Are you playing well or just getting lucky?"

Poker Academy's artificial intelligence (AI) is robust and took over a decade to develop. Its capabilities have been featured in The New York Times, New Scientist and on the Discovery Channel. Even pros have learned more about their own game by playing against adaptive AI contenders developed by Poker Academy. Poker Academy software was recently selected to be used in the WPT Boot Camps (a two-day seminar on how to play Texas Hold'em held at casinos and hotel around the country) as part of their course materials.

"Merely a few games currently use adaptable artificial intelligence or AI, said Hector Munoz-Avila, Computer Science and Engineering Professor of Lehigh University. "Most were 'hard-coded' to operate at fix levels or stages."

Lange elaborates, "This means that every action taken by a computer player is determined by a rule or algorithm. A savvy player will come to recognize this overtime and their software will become useless as a learning tool and not much fun to play because you'll know exactly what the computer will do."

What Poker Academy's computer opponents do is basically adapt to those playing the game, requiring human opponents to adjust their play to win. As the player gets better, the game gets better and more challenging. Poker Academy's AI also shows hand strength, potential, and pot odds on the screen as you play. Meaning, you won't spend hours trying to memorize percentages and obscure odds.

"The good news is Poker Academy software shows you the percentages you need to know at every stage so that over time these numbers will become more familiar to you without requiring you to bury your nose in a book and memorize them all precisely," said Lange.

If you can win money playing a Poker Academy game, your chances to win money in a real-life casino, tournament, or online game are that much greater, since you'll be armed with a higher skill level instead of just your instincts and the fact that you've been winning $10 or $20 from your buddies at a weekly game.



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