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Poker Variations

There are many poker variations available for poker players. The following are the top 10 poker variations and an explanation of each.

1. Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker is also known as a Russian Poker. In this brand of poker variation a 52-card deck is used. There are four players who will compete and each will be dealt 13 cards to form their hand.

Each of the four players will arrange their 13 cards with the best poker hands that they can make; they have to make 3 hands. These 3 hands are also called the Front, Middle and Back.

A 3-card hand is called the front, while both the middle and the back have 5-card hands. Both the middle and the back must outrank the front with the 3-card hands.

If players are playing with the option of surrender, and they have been dealt with 3 hands already, and then each of these players have to choose either to surrender or to play. They will automatically forfeit 2 chips.

With each hand that a player wins he or she will pick up 1 chip while the overall winner of poker will pick up extra chips.

2. Chowaha

This poker variation is invented by Mike Chow. Scot Wolfington's has the best rules for the Hold'em poker variation. There are a lot of poker player enjoy Chowaha and one of them is Spencer Sun.

3. Razz

This kind of poker variation is also played like a 7-card Stud. There is a small difference between Razz and the 7-card Stud, the winner in the showdown will be determine by the lowest hand.

4. Lowball

This poker variation is also played like the Draw Poker; this is a 5-card Draw, except that the one holding the lowest hand wins the game. Examples of a best hand are the cards: 6, 4, 3, 2, A.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple is played like Texas Hold'em, the difference that they have is that players are dealt with 3 cards in the beginning of the game instead of only 2 cards. After the cards are dealt players should discard one their three cards immediately before the first round of betting starts.

6. Guts

Players are dealt with 2 cards and then players can opt out. The winner is the player who's holding the highest hand of all.

7. Indian Poker

Every player is dealt with one card facing downward. All the players must hold their card facing upward up to their forehead without looking at the card that they are holding. After this the betting will begin with each player, they will bet according to the cards that other players are holding.

8. 3-5-7

There are 3 cards that each player is dealt, they will decide whether they will pass or stay. The first player to choose is the one positioned to the left of the dealer.

9. Anaconda

Each of all the players will have 7 cards in all. Then after they are dealt 7 cards they will pass 3 cards from their hand to the player positioned on their left. This routine will take place three times then players will form their best 5 card hand.

Each player will reveal the card that is on top of their stack and then the betting will begin.

10. Follow the Queen

This poker variation is played like a 7-card Stud, the only difference in this game is that the Queens here are wild. If a player dealt a Queen from a facing up card, the next card that will be dealt will be considered a wild as well.

The player holding the highest 5-card hand will win the game.



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