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The Basics of Cribbage

Cribbage is a game using six cards fit for two players but may easily be adjusted to three players, or up to four players playing in partners. It is now the accepted form and extensively played in English speaking countries of the world.

There is also an earlier version of cribbage using five cards but has been widely written in memory, though some parts of Britain still play the game.

In England, cribbage is chiefly a pub game which means that it is allowed by gambling authorities to be played in community houses for minimal risks. Cribbage requires little physical skill wherein the players must evaluate a number of various objectives, maintain wit sufficient enough to understand combinations, in order to get the total, it is possibly not the most notable of the games strongly connected to the English pub. It is a game that entails a huge amount of knowledge though chance, of course contributes a lot.

Etiquette is a vital component of cribbage. The customs related to cutting, shuffling, playing and associated with cutting and dealing, playing and score keeping, as well as the terms used, serves the purpose of establishing order and it provides cribbage with a unique flavor. Playing cards, just like food, individuality is a concern.


Scoring more than 121 points, which is collected over a number of deals, is the primary objective of cribbage players. Points are obtained for card combinations either happening in the duration of the play or in the hand of a player or in the disposed cards prior to the start of the game, which constitutes the crib or box.


Cutting of the cards determines the initial deal. The player who cuts the card with the lower value becomes the dealer and possesses the initial box or crib. When the cards have similar values, which includes the cards with a value of ten (10, J, Q or K), the initial deal is determined by one more cut. Afterwards, the deal swaps from one hand to another until the conclusion of the game.

Cribbage is commonly played in best of three matches. The opponent of the initial dealer in the first match starts the deal and receives the initial box in the next match. Should a deciding game is needed, a new cut determines the first dealer.

The dealer jumbles the cards while the non-dealers are the one who cuts. Six cards facing down are dealt to individual players at a single time. The unshuffled deck of cards is placed facing down on the table. After each hand, the cards used in the game are collated and the entire deck is dealt by the new dealer prior to the subsequent deal.



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