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The Best Poker Books

On the Internet you can find a lot of reading materials regarding poker. There are advices, skills and strategies on how to play poker. There are many kinds of reading materials that you can download or purchase if you want to learn how to play poker and decided to be good at it.

Here is a list of poker books that are available to everybody who wants to learn and improve their poker skills and knowledge.

1. Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players

This book is written by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. This is their 21st Century edition. For most professional poker players and everybody that is attached to the game of poker this book has been number one since it came out. This is the book that most experts recommend for novice players to read and understand.

This book gives a wealth of advice for novice and old poker players that want to improve their game. This book is well-revised and packed with new material.

2. The Theory of Poker

This book is written by David Sklansky. This is the kind of book that has the fundamentals of poker. And as for the most current books regarding poker, this is the best up to date.

3. Winning Low-Limit Hold'em

Written by Lee Jones, you will notice in this book that the author enjoys a controversial concept. His writings are praised both for negative critics, as done by other writers of poker, and for helping many poker players to improve their game.

4. Hold'em Poker

This book is originally made by David Sklansky from a classic game of Texas Hold'em. This book as reviewed by Max Drayman is said to be a "survival knife of books on Hold'em".

5. Super/System

The Super/System book is well-written by Doyle Brunson. This book was published in the year 1978 and considered to be a classic. This book contains collections from poker expert's writings and still a good deal to buy.

6. Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players

This book is from David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and Ray Zee another 21st Century edition. This book has received a good review from Bick Christenson which called it "Another well-recommended book for poker players."

7. Harrington on Hold'em Vol. 1

This book is by Dan Harrington, and this is one of the finest first books to read for new and aspiring poker players.

8. The Body Language of Poker

This book is also known as the "Book of Tells". The content of this book is very important. This helps a poker player become observant and impose self awareness.

9. Gambling Theory and Other Topics

Written by Mason Malmuth, this book is not specifically a poker book but in general this book can help a lot of gambling players as well as poker players. If you are new to gambling this is the book for you.

10. Pot-Limit and No-Limit Poker

This book is well-written by Stewart Reuben and Bob Ciaffone. This book can be very useful for poker players who want to make poker their profession. This is for the high bettor and serious players as well.



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