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The Q-Ball

Michael Wiesenberg invented a lowball game that incorporated the modifications of several lowball draw poker variations. The resulting game eventually developed its own unique nature. This game is known as the Q-Ball. A poker player who plans to play this particular lowball draw poker game must first have a general idea of the specific rules of Q-Ball. Here are the most important ones:

- The Q-Ball poker game is played with three blinds. The dealer makes a one-unit blind bet and this is followed by the one-unit blind bet by the poker player who is seated to the left of the dealer. This poker player is called the "small blind". The third blind is made by the player who is seated to the left of the small blind. The third blind is twice the amount of the small blind, making the player who made it as the "big blind".

- The deck utilized in Q-Ball has 53 cards and this 53rd card is the joker.

- After the three blinds, the dealer provides each poker player three faced down cards.

- With three cards each for the poker players, the first betting round occurs. This is started by the poker player who sits to the left of the big blind. This particular poker player may raise or fold, but he may not check. In fact, checking is prohibited during the first round.

- After the first betting round, the dealer gives the fourth card of each player. And this is followed by the second betting round. This second betting round is started by the first active player to the left of the dealer. Again, checking is prohibited in the second round.

- After the second betting round, each poker player is dealt with the fifth and last card. Then, a third betting round is conducted, which, again, begins with the first still active player to the left of the dealer. This third betting round is different from the other betting rounds because checking is already allowed.

- After the third betting round, the draw phase commences. The mechanics of this draw phase is similar to all other draw phases of other draw poker games.

- After the draw phase, a fourth and last betting round is done.

- When there is more than one poker player left after the fourth betting round, there will be a showdown.

- At the showdown, the low values utilized are the Ace-to-Fives.

- When Q-Ball poker is played at Fixed Limits, the suggested betting structure is 1-2-2-4. This means that on the second and third betting rounds, the poker players can bet twice the amount of the first round. On the fourth round, the amounts bet by players are twice that of the third round.



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