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Women Playing Poker

The game of poker has come a long way in the past several years. In these recent years, the way women are perceived in the game of poker has changed from what it once was. Women were believed to be tight, emotional, weak, less likely to bluff, and oftentimes they were not inclined to gambling like men.

The image of the table is huge part of the game of poker, and the way that women are perceived has a marked affect on the chips that women win or lose.

In a game, like poker, that is dominated by men, women oftentimes find themselves to be the ony female at their table. Women can extract chips from men based, on how they are going to play against women, and based on how women think men perceive them.

There is always the "macho" type of men that are going to play worse against women, since men do not want to be beaten by women. Men will bet their weaker hands by trying to intimidate women into folding.

On the other hand, there is also the "gentleman" type that will check on their hand since they do not want to take women's chips away. Most of the time, men will be gentlemanly, but, at the same time, play their hand like they should. Of course, as always, there are exceptions to every rule. The more skillful and competitive player of poker will play with women any differently.

Men are not the only players that are guilty of making generalizations. Women find themselves making generalizations in their perceptions of men, as well.

At the poker table, women tend to observe everything. Before a certain person plays their first hand, women tend to notice their looks first. Sensing helps women play a dependable way against their opponents until that player shows the women a reason to feel differently.

Older men tend to play solid poker; businessmen tend to play just to have a good time, and burn some chips; younger gamblers are the novices at the table; then, of course, there are the women, who are often perceived by stereotypical notions, and it would behoove these poker-playing women to learn how to use such stereotypical misconceptions to their advantage.



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