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Russian Roulette as a Gambling Game

So you've heard about Russian roulette once in your life, but you have never seen Russian roulette being played in a casino, right? If you are looking for Russian roulette, don't go searching for the regular roulette wheel, because in Russian roulette, you won't find the similar wheel used in American and European roulette. In Russian roulette, instead of the roulette wheel, players use guns.

Russian roulette is usually played by two players with one single gun, which is a revolver. The revolver can have as many rounds as the players want, as long as some of the chambers are empty. The players take turns and try to fire the gun at one's self.

Obviously, this is a very dangerous game; that is why in the movies, only the bad guys play Russian roulette. To say that this is a high stakes game is an understatement. How much higher can a stake get when it is life you are betting on?

But don't be too scared right away. Russian roulette can also be played as a normal gambling game. Instead of using real-life revolvers, players can use toy guns instead. In that way, no one will be seriously injured, but the excitement will still be there.

When you want to play Russian roulette as a gambling game, get an opponent and a toy gun. Each round you will take turns in firing the toy gun at one's self. Of course, the toy gun should mimic a revolver so that the chambers can be spun. It is also imperative that you leave some of the chambers empty. Before firing the gun, you must spin the chambers so that you will not know if the chamber you will use is empty or not. So instead of spinning roulette wheels, you will be spinning chambers.

You can place bets per round. You can bet on who is going to "die" per each round. You may also bet on whether both of you will "die" on the next round. You can also bet on who has "died" the most. Obviously, Russian roulette as a gambling game can be very dynamic and exciting.

So if you are tired of playing regular roulette, why not try Russian roulette? You can enjoy it anywhere with your friends. You just need a toy gun, and presto, you can play Russian roulette even inside a car. Russian roulette is definitely for people who dare to be different. The question is, how daring are you?



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