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Sic Bo, the Asian Dice Game

Sic Bo is an Asian dice game that originated in the casinos of this region. Many Asian gamblers enjoyed years of playing Sic Bo, and today many of the world's casinos are offering the game to their respective patrons and locals.

The game of Sic Bo is fast paced and has flashing lights on its design. Anyone who sees the basics of the game by observing other players, in no time one could play and enjoy the game. The setup of Sic Bo includes numerous betting sets on the table, where the player can place his bet on. There are three dice which are used to decide on the result of the bets.

The Sic Bo table has a bottom row were six betting areas are found, also referred to as single number bets. A player can bet any number from one to six. If his bet comes up from one of three dice, he will be paid one to one. If his bet comes up on two of the three dice, his pay out will be two to one. And if all three dice comes out as the player's bet, he will be paid three to three.

For instance the player bets on number 4 at a wager of $ 20 dollars, and two dice came up with five, his pay out will be $ 40 dollars.

A player can also make two-number bets by placing his wager on any two numbers on the table. For instance, the player bets on a combination of 3 and 6, and the three dice landed at 3, 5, 6 combination, he will be paid out at six to one odds.

Remember that a player could only win at one point with a two-number combination bet. For a three number-bet, the total combination of the three numbers on the rolled dice will be the pay out. Take note that a result of three or eighteen is considered a loss.

A player can bet on the total of the combined dice result between 4 to 10 or 11 to 17. A bet on this combination pays at one to one odds. If the dice roll results a triplet, any wager will lose. If for instance a player bets on three 7's, and the dice result is the same, his odds will be at 150 to 1.

A player can also bet on all six triplets at any one time, this is called 'any triplet', and the pay out is at 25 to 1 odds. If the player chooses to bet on two similar numbers, like two 5's, and two of three dice result is the same as his bet, he will only win once at 11 to 1 odds.

Sic Bo may seem complicated to a new player, but once he gets the betting techniques that will work for him he will certain enjoy the game.



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