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Understanding Your Pot Odds

The pot odds is oftentimes neglected in the game of poker, especially by the intermediate and beginner players. At the beginning of the player's life in poker they already heard the words pot odds and learned a few basic concept of the idea about pot odds. But only a few respond to this learning and utilize their knowledge in pot odds in a game of poker, still many ignore and do not put this to use.

Yet, knowing how to measure and utilize pot odds is one of the most important weapons that intellectual poker players equip in their inventory; this is the point where they are definitely different from amateur players.

Pot odds in poker are often related with complicated mathematical calculations and less sincere poker player can feel overcome at the idea of tackling such concepts, but don't get annoyed, you don't really think that to be a sincere poker player you need to be a mathematician? Do you really believe that most of the professional poker players are that smart?

The answer is simple, of course not all professional poker players are geniuses, but they do acquire the method of calculating the pot odds easily and quickly to determine if they have the edge and if the game is in favor of them in any situation.

Have a look at the simplest way of calculating the pot odds; remember that in calculating it should be done quickly so that you can apply it quick and easy while playing poker in the middle of the pressure and heat of the game.

Pot odds in poker is simple the odds of taking the cards you will need to make your hand are fewer than the pot odds, if so, you should bet.

The odds of having the cards that you will need should be easy to understand. The straight draw or flush is the best card that you can have. And the basic formula for the pot odds is: The size of the pot should be equal to the amount you should put into the pot.

Example: If the pot has $100 and you opt to bet $20 to make a call, the pot odds are 5:1 or 100:20.

If this is the situation given, the pot odds, which is the 5:1, is larger than the odds of you having the card that you need, what you must do is call the bet. This move is known as taking "value" of your bet.

Always understand your pot odds while playing poker. If you master the pot odds you will be carried to the next stage of poker game.



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